Director Message

Director’s Message

Welcome to ACCRID International, a group of devoted professionals representing a new wave of educational consultancy created to address the incredible and far-reaching changes now taking place across the entire world of education, from primary and secondary schools to universities here in the Gulf and across the globe.

Based on our vision and expertise, we at ACCRID strive to create an on-going partnership with ministries, educational institutions, parents and students within the greater community to meet the challenges everyone is facing in the new world order of information technology, educational technology and the virtual world of the internet that connects us in ways we could never have imagined only a generation earlier.

I welcome this opportunity to highlight four key concepts that can serve as the cornerstones of ACCRID’s educational philosophy. Firstly, quality management takes into account the entire management structure of a particular school from the governing board, to the headmaster and senior management, to the faculty and staff. Everyone needs to work together to fulfill the stated mission to provide a progressive and innovative learning environment for students within the community.

Secondly, the curriculum and its related course syllabi provide the academic heart of the educational process. A focused curriculum establishes the key subject areas designed to educate young learners and transform them into disciplined, enlightened, and complete individuals equipped with the strategies of life-long learning.

Thirdly, we encourage the support of quality faculty and staff who are the neglected warriors in the battle to raise student levels of learning and achievement. Working together, the teachers and support staff offer a well-integrated support system that will guarantee the systematic development of each individual child within the school system. Finally, innovative methodologies, combined with the use of the emerging educational technologies, will characterize the new-age classroom setting as dynamic, innovative, and sensitive to student needs and learning strategies. Students will take ownership of their own learning in a stimulating environment that encourages practical application, producing pro-active individuals ready to meet the challenges of the world beyond the classroom.

At the heart of ACCRID’s program, we focus on the students themselves, helping them prepare to face the challenging demands of a 21st century life style as inspired leaders, creative innovators, and productive citizens of the future. Let us provide the new wave of young learners with the knowledge and tools that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. In return, the future may bring with it a new kind of person we can be proud of, thoughtful, well-rounded, true to themselves and their accomplishments. Please accept my personal invitation to find out more about ACCRID’s philosophy and practical approach to establishing quality education presented in more detail in the following catalogue.

With warm wishes,

John Herlihy