Governance Training

Training of governors 

ACCRID designs a customized comprehensive training program for the governors of Governing Board, drawing upon our experience of supporting the ground breaking academies program in various part of the world.  Resources will include published material, supporting software and facilitated coaching and Training for various individuals, small groups and the full Governing Board, as applicable.  The Training program for the governors will comprise:

  • Induction Training to familiarize them with the organization and strategic direction of the schools.  This will incorporate a review of the demands facing governors and the excitement of being involved in such a new, challenging and worthwhile project.
  • The bases of developing the vision and mission of the school and communicating with the school management and supervisory teams and while hearing back in from those team members about any specific challenges
  • The bases of developing the periodical objectives; monthly, quarterly and annually and the measurement mechanism to evaluate the achievements
  • Tools and techniques of developing and monitoring the plans to achieve the objectives
  • Supervise and support the specific governance committees – for example, academic sessions conducted by the bursar and academic achievement led by the relevant committee chair
  •  Training on important issues such as equal opportunities, topical education initiatives, behavioral strategies, setting and monitoring attainment targets etc.

ACCRID  also supports and reinforce both the selection and development of the chair of governors in order to ensure the establishment of a productive and profitable relationship with the school principals his/her operation team and the Governing Board.

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