Quality Education System

This is believed that each child is a unique entity which is complex to deal with and handle. Especially in educational setup it requires to be dealt with more scientific and effective manners. A Trio of the Teacher, Parent and Psychologist is the proven scientific combination to effectively educate and grow a balance personality with effective knowledge to lead a successful and happy life and serve the society with self esteem.

A well groomed personality is defined as a person who has ability: to develops an effective communication rapport with anyone and ability to listen to others to understands the problems quickly and analyze for its solution to think analytically and critically while using the right knowledge base and reach to the right decision. to deliver and describe his ideas and thinking effectively and physically fit to deliver against the expectation from his/her acceptably to tolerate the mistakes of other and deal with them appropriately to achieve the goals, objectives and the targets set by him/herself and/or others to use the advances tools to deal with the situations to evaluate self confidence and self-ability appropriately to lead effectively and be lead comfortably.

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Quality Circle System

Quality Circle System is aimed to be customized and implemented for the continual improvement of the overall system and the quality of the overall education including the quality of the people, processes and the overall results.

Quality Circles are usually characterized as small, voluntary groups of employees set up to meet periodically for such practical purposes as:

•Pinpointing,examining, analyzing and solving problems in areas including knowledge management, innovation, work relations, quality, productivity, safety, cost, etc.

•Enhancing communication between employees and management on the above areas Quality Circles can only thrive if management will take action on the recommendations of the Circle. When the management has no interest in participation as is often the case, the Circles simply disintegrate.