School Governance

ACCRID recommends that the Quality Education System at Schools should be at the heart of the school community and the appointment of the majority of the members of the governing body should be drawn from the Schools management and the workforce in association with ACCRID as the school management consultant at starting stage and under the guidance of the major stakeholders. Through that majority, the Governing Board should determine the ethos and values of the schools and will then have a duty to promote those ethos and values that best serve the needs of the students.  These aspirations will be known, discussed and accepted by all governors. The school principal under the guidance  and Training of ACCRID along with their partners would present policies and plans to the Governing Board.

The governors should approve policies that will achieve the agreed objectives, ensuring that the vision and values of the school are rigorously upheld.  The governing body will also ensure that the budget soundly supports the aims of the school.

Composition of the Governing Board 
In order to ensure that the Governing Board enjoys the most productive relationship with Quality Education System and Schools themselves, the ACCRID leverages its extensive experience of operating with a variety of different models of governance so as to develop a customized system that meets the needs of both organizations.  Governors with specific professional skills can be invaluable and the widest spread of expertise would be desirable – for example, experience in human resources, finance and public relations education and teaching is very much welcomed.

The Governing Board may wish to establish committees that best suit its needs. In our experience, the following committees can help to ensure effective working:

 Student Committee (admissions, attendance behavior)
 Academic achievement and curriculum
 Human resources
 Estate and premises
 Public relations

Responsibilities of the Governing Board

The Governing Board will have responsibility for overall strategic direction and control of the Quality Education System and the Schools, including oversight of the curriculum, students and staff, control of the budget and collaboration with parents and outside bodies – for example, the Abu Dhabi Education Council.  These responsibilities can be broadly grouped under the following headings:


The Governing Board’s core purpose will be to ensure that all students achieve their full potential, taking into account their individual capabilities and progress.  The schools will also be expected to develop students’ attitudes, values and other personal attributes as well as their knowledge, skills and understanding of the various curriculum areas.  The governing body will monitor standards by receiving regular reports on the school’s results and interpretations of its achievement and performance data, together with an analysis of trends over time.


The performance, orderly function and local reputation of the school will largely depend on the quality of student behaviour and discipline.  To this end, the Governing Board will be accountable for policies which promote high standards of discipline and behaviour.


The school’s most important resource will be its staff.  The Governing Board will invest heavily in the recruitment, development and retention of high quality teaching and support staff so that they achieve the governors’ vision for the schools.  The Governing Board will also determine the level of pay and conditions of all staff and will be responsible for implementing a performance management policy that enables staff to link their individual work with the objectives of the school and to be rewarded accordingly.


The curriculum of the schools based on the Federal Board of Pakistan and same time will be designed so as to focus on the needs of individual students and promote their intellectual, moral, cultural, spiritual and physical development.  In order to provide optimum flexibility for students with respect to higher education destinations, we would anticipate that the international baccalaureate would be the most appropriate final qualification.


The schools will benefit from a finance committee that will be chaired by a Governor and will report directly to the full Governing Board.  Its terms of reference will ensure that finances will be overseen and monitored appropriately and regularly, with direct links to the Schools finance function.;

Supporting and challenging 
Procedures will be put into place to ensure that the Governing Board establishes a sound professional relationship with the school principals.  It will ensure that the principals are regularly appraised and that the schools have robust performance management policies in place for all staff.  The Governing Board will be composed of a variety of committees that will provide a rigorous but constructive challenge to the work of the schools.

Understanding performance 
The Governing Board will ensure that school policies and plans will be monitored and evaluated in order to ensure that the vision for the school is achieved.  Governors will have an understanding of the monitoring strategies used within the schools and will evaluate on an ongoing basis whether the results of the monitoring process indicate that the set targets are being achieved.

ACCRID supports all the way, both the selection and development of the chair of governors in order to ensure the establishment of a productive and profitable relationship with the schools principals from Day 1 of the operation.

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