School Management Training

Comprehensive training of the management, staff and teachers on the automated school management system which is based on the principals of Total Quality Management (TQM),  is key to the success of any school.  ACCRID provides the full range of training including the following areas:

  • Training to develop and enhance the leadership at all levels including the top management, admin staff, supervisory staff and teachers
  • Training of the system operation including how to operate the processes and procedures
  • Training of automated/computerized general management processes and procedures
  • Training of Quality Circle System as an effective tool of TQM
  • Training of effective Lesson Planning and Lesson Delivery
  • Basic training of child psychology
  • Advanced training of child psychology
  • Training of the psychometric testing module to apply different type of psychological tests and draw the reports
  • On the job training to deal with children psychological issues
  • On the job training to enable the children to practice analytical thinking and problem solving

Training for effective use of the school management software modules including:

  • Training of academic program management module including curriculum and course scheduling, homework assignments, inter-class communication, outdoor activities schedule, surveys and announcements on the web-portals of all the students, teachers and staff
  • Training of the examination module including rules setting, multiple examination type, plagiarism detection, question papers and marking
  • Training of Health and Safety and Environment management module including HSE risk management, hazard analysis and control and HSE historical data management
  • Training of finance, accounts and inventory management module
  • Training of human resource management module
  • Training of satellite controlled transport management system
  • Training of facility management module including defect response and preventive maintenance of facility
  • Training of student data management module and web-portal handling

ACCRID’s ability to provide world class trainers and online training facility in order to provide both online and on-site effective training sets ACCRID aside from its competitors and facilitates its customers to have the most advanced training with the cost effective manners.

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