Teacher Training

In addition to the work undertaken with the partnerships, our partners are collaborating with Intel in the development and delivery of the Teach Advanced Online & Collaborative (TAOC) programme, which has been developed in partnership with Intel Education and an international consortium (Germany, UK, Italy, France, Ireland, and Jordan).  TAOC, is based around a collaborative online platform, designed to encourage innovative curriculum development and to recognise and support the professional development activities that surround it. 

Our team is now developing the new gold code that will be the basis for the next version of the collaborative platform that will be rolled out to other countries, working with Intel colleagues and Catalyst, the technology solutions provider.  At the core of the programme is a five step curriculum plan or Learning Path that encourages the development of innovative lesson activities across curriculum through collaborative development.  These Learning Paths (and their associated lesson plans and resources) are published and shared with other participants for adaptation and repurposing.  The UK version has adopted advanced peer-assessment tools and portfolio, and is currently being redeveloped on the Moodle platform. Parents’ education (psychological and academic) help reducing the teachers’ work load (a booklet for parents and guardians in their language). The following material will remain available online for the parents, teachers and the students:

  •  Academic delivery programme
  •  Physiological integration programme
  •  Code of ethics for teachers
  •  Code of ethics for the students
  •  Code of ethic for parents
  •  Health and safety:

    •  Regular doctor
    •  Safety in bus
    •  Safety in classroom
    •  Safety in playground
    •  Accident management & emergency handling
  •  Teacher evaluation and bench marking (publish a booklet for teachers and a form of evaluation)
  •  Annual course plans, Quarterly and Monthly Targets and  individual Lesson planning
  •  Lesson delivery and extra aid
  •  Course planning (annual plan)
  •  Extracurricular activities
  •  Homework online
  •  All data of student online
  •  All of teachers’ online

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