Participation of your children in this competition will increase your children intellectual abilities, enhance their interpersonal skill and help them to be More Creative. And learn to be able to win and lose gracefully. Its help children to boost their self-esteem and confidence. There are three prizes for the winner which will announce on our Official Facebook page @ACCRIDInternationl after two months.

  1.  First prize Qualify after 1000 Like on Post           50,000 PKR
  2.  Second prize Qualify after 500 Like on Post       20,000 PKR
  3.  Third prize Qualify after 300 Like on Post            10,000 PKR

If form submitted by teacher 30% of winning amount of each child goes to the teacher, and best Teacher Training Certificate from ACCRID International.


Instruction to fill the Competition Form

Step-1: Enter Name, Father / Guardian name, Child Age, Phone Number, and Email of the parent.

Step-2:  If a child is not in school Select Pre-School option in drop down otherwise select class which is from kg-1 to class 5 and then Enter School name.

Step-4:  Select your location from the drop-down, if your location is not listed in drop-down select other, and type other location from Lahore.

Note: Only Participant from Lahore can participate in this competition.

Step-5: In submitted by dropdown, select Teacher if this information has been submitted by the teacher. Then type teacher full name, Teacher Email and Teacher Phone number.

Step-6:  Copy Auto-Generated Code and Click Submit button.

Step-7:  Paste Auto-Generated Code in the post and upload your child content on our Facebook page.